Universal Thermal Power Solutions

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DIR token

Company Vision

The ultimate solution to the mining of crypto currencies “Power, electricity, heating and cooling”! Universal thermal power solutions sister enterprise to Seabreeze consultancy Pty Ltd was founded early in 2021. Initiating the world’s first internal co-generation CO2 free, self-sustainable, base load, bio-fuel mega power plant.

We now have a platform in which to implement this revelational solution. The application of the theatrical technological advancement into clean energy, green environment, stable 24/7 base load electricity.

As the crypto societies have contributed further to the global warming and as a future business model, our dedication into cryptocurrency, blockchain application mining and storage we are well aware of the expediential growth of the new world currency and the amount of electricity consumed to produce the very foundation of which it operates. Now with a global audience awareness a solution for the upcoming electricity shortage and increase emission, one must look beyond the past, present and open oneself to believing that there is a solution. Although renewables and clean energy technologies like hydro will take up the short fall. It will be a new technology that will dominate and move us forward into the revolution break through the planet has been searching for so let me introduce the future.

We now have the desirable environmental foresight to re-envision the energy industry, embracing the new world CO2 free and clean-green energy, a futuristic outlook; crypto society without boundaries, limitations and as it becomes more evident that the climate has changed, the need for a environment quick fix, it will be from the unknown company’s like Universal thermal power solutions, to take up the challenge. Our company Universal thermal power solutions will endeavour to be the fore runner in the clean technology being the first in the crypto space we will exist as a virtual company with a highly motivated, dedicated team of experts activating real world application.

Universal thermal power solutions (“UTPS”) founder and creator of pending token soon to be released as a binance smart contract BEP-20 Token, UTPS allowing you to take up this golden opportunity to be part of the solution. With the Crypto gods watching, empowering freewill, we shall endeavour to move beyond the illusion of control.

  • Supply of 1,000,000,000
  • Name: Director
  • Market Value (to be determine)
  • Initial: DiR
  • token address :Etherscan
  • 0x88040ffBEdB402f66a761594eb2e2eEf73CD1c3d
  • Liquidity NFT % allocation
  • Tradable DIR to Thermal token’s pending share issue (2023-26)

Universal thermal power solution (schedule release late 2022-23)

  • Name: Thermal
  • Initial: PENDING
  • Pooled liquidity
  • DIR tradable with pending “thermal” tokens
  • equal value company share offer (pre IPO)

Time line and development stages

To build Alt coins mining farms around 15,000 plus units, assembling of key components, formatted to maximise the energy consumption and the unitisation of the cooling ability of the co-generation power system.

Capital from the NFT’s and the “PENDING” tokens will be used to acquisition/lease commercial /industrial complex to house the mega farming mining units the innovation of the co-generation will allow for air flow and electricity co-generation production operational simultaneously.

Drawing on renewable to reduce carbon emission and environment impact that cryptocurrency is currently having, by moving all known energy’s method into one institution format this combination of company, business and incorporation establishment will generate an association of real world innovation and application.  

The solution

  • Reducing the energy needed to cool computing modules
  • Increase air flow within the unit housing
  • Increase heat withdrawal through back draft solution
  • Co-generation (through the use of innovation 80 to 85% recapture)
  • Conversion of energy back to useable electricity.

The system’s future has the potential to remove air suspended particles including carbon dioxide through its extraction stage.

The CO2 will be use in the algae ponds to produce the methane to run steam turbines and potential larger production of clean electricity product real world.

Company strategies

The encompassing of the old with the new having the best of both worlds the allocation of company token and coins will be the forefront of the amalgamation, as the token will be issued as “offer value” with the IPO share (“presale”) the company will be positing itself for the IPO capital fundraising on the ASX once the pilot build is complete.

The innovation has been re-envisioned many times. So with Universal thermal power solutions, token incentives we can make it a reality.

The DIR token will be offered as a dual binary token and will remain equally tradable on the cryptocurrency exchange and hold a tradable certificate on the Australia stock exchange valued by company performance profit and losses (market value).

The DIR token, ASX certificate will be limited to the NFT presale (offer) and equal of the company shareholdings supply limits.

Review of share and tokens as requested from time to time to maintain company policy and board approval in any further funding being untaken needed to make acquisition and or expansion, company growth and or execution of foreclosure due unforeseen events and or issue. Tokening will have priority.

At the board discretion the company shall endeavour to maintain policy and conduct itself professionally at all times with the company vision of introducing enviro climatic purification practise and uphold the integrity into the population infrastructure, striving to futurize the futures, future. Simultaneously implement a back door innovation near free energy to the world. Directly piloting a new world of clean green energy, biofuel, technological advancement in high efficiency electricity production infrastructure.

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