The NFT director

If you so choose to take on the role as a director there are two options

Option 1; Vertical company director of Universal thermal power solutions and periodical attend online meeting held quarterly, attend official function, including and not limited to the constructional agreement set forth in the company documentation and uphold the principal and policy of the company constitution.

 Option 2; Non executive role with all the benefits, as a non-vote you will be given the option to travel to the opening and naming the first, second or third power institute of thermal energy solution.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations and Maintenance Agreement

As part of the duties as director you will need to sign off the above contract agreement as a forwarding email at the request of the NFT buyer. for a copy  

Summary of contract; you as director will oversee the design, build and operation of the institute of energy. From the ground braking to the ceremonial ribbon cutting   

The director will be held accountable for the day to day function of the company’s operation through their action, abilities and duties as acting director;

All three directors’ capabilities will have dual roles as following;

  • Managing director;

The overseeing of operation and supervision of staff and management team

  • Advertisement managing director;

This dual position will fill the role of coordinator of sales and marketing.

  • Financial managing director;

Accounting and funding allocation, management

  • Managing Director;

Business co-ordination, focus and general knowledge of cryptocurrency format ICO IEO and token

Job Description

Managing the employees and ensures all business goals and objectives are reached are as following but limited to,

Primary responsibilities

  • Direct the activities and productivity of a department or entire organization.
  • Provide training and guidance.
  • Delegate duties such as typing, copying, and scanning.
  • Hire, terminate, and train staff.
  • Create schedules.
  • Work with the Assistant Director to sustain and grow programs and service.
  • Manage administrative functions to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the organization.
  • Support the organization’s strategic alliances and partnership.
  • Ensure performance goals are meet, set and reviewed
  • Fulfil your duties as the board member, attending, preside over meetings and functions
  • Participate in strategic planning.
  • Represent the organization to the public, key stakeholders and business partner.
  • Plan and implement the annual calendar of activities including fundraising initiatives, special events and the official administrative acts.
  • Help create budgets and track expenditures.
  • Create presentations for meetings.

The applicant will require at least a bachelor’s degree and or equivalent industry experience relevant to our specific company and industry. Hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in business/ administration or any other specialised field relevant to our industries in which you will be working.

Essential Skills

As director you will have effective communicators with excellent leadership skills, management experience and the ability to motivate employees. Additionally, your role as a board member in the capacity of director, you will be able to supervise and build teams, delegate responsibility and develop employee talents. Be results oriented, creative in addition to having strong business-development skills and the ability to interact with our clients, staff and senior management.

Favourable knowledge: Of crypto currency, platforms, block chain, NFT and Token functionality.

As for the company and institute of energy  that you will be seated at, some of the following includes, DIR token and NFT’s allocation and development of the currency exchange platform

The token uptake through ICO crypto tokens presale will be used as a pooled funding to demonstrate the technology on private property without grid connection at the same time mining block chain and Alt coins creating a return for the token holder once the farms up and running.

Off grid: Pilot build, Atmosphere Purification Power Plant (1MW); co-generation, carbon dioxide capture, bio- fuel system including CO2free electricity. Research and development division for alternative energy production practices.

First; the development and implementation of co-generation solves several issues with real world application.

Secondly; the industry protocol, governance and restricting regulation, all design to hinder progress and stagnate clean energy growth are eliminated.

Third and last point; financial security, the ability to co-generation electricity off grid and be self-reliant means the income generated from mining cryptocurrency.

Off grid application allows for new research and development or R&D and small project to commence self-funding  profitable and faster growth with world wide application become available to real world application and finally addressing climate change, air and environment pollution solutions.

Stage two

Universal thermal power solution will be releasing 3 NFT to promote the upcoming launch of the company these are very own unique Tokens (”T”), as they will be held as director delegates of the virtual company.


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