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Directortoken and the director’s token DiR introduction and future blueprint 2021-2026

Directortokens-nft and the Director tokens DIR will be working together with the upcoming company inauguration of universal thermal power solutions and Seabreeze consultancy Pty Ltd and as its sister company, coordinate the two enterprises as one. Our innovation into clean energy with our aim to power our entire network outside the main grids our facilities will be totally independent and privately owned. With a world class mining and in- house NFT minting combined within virtual world platforms, base in real world application.

NFT Energy Consumption Comparison: currently our NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain Opensea and polygon; each Ethereum transaction uses roughly 48 kWh using the proof of work consensus algorithm. Analysts estimate that the average NFT consumes 75 kWh in its lifetime (with all transactions considered). Directortoken DiR primary aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the NFT. Reduce the fossil fuel used to power the mining units for the transaction and algorithm consumption.

Directortoken along with the funding from the limit edition NFT’s collection and will contribute to tackling the climate debate that energy production needs to change as part of a bigger picture our company will endeavour to making a pledge to reduce its own NFT’s electricity consumption along with a new industry standard.

DiR token will allocate up to 90% for all sales to the innovation and development of the mega power solution as part of Seabreeze consultancy Pty Ltd. Our company vision of a brighter future lies in the innovation of all technology, and some not so well know developing the universal thermal power solution revolution stage 1.

The New Token DiR will create a platform and virtual office in which the owners of Director chair NFT will work on building the first mega universal thermal power institute of energy here they will develop innovation and technology that will power the future of the virtual reality, NFT minting and the cryptocurrency well beyond our moons horizon!

Our NFT’s incorporated with the token director DIR will be backed by real world company share, as a safeguard of the token and NFT from the volatility and fluctuation of the crypto market, they will be interchangeable for company shares (listing on the ASX early 2025) this new and innovation way of the cryptocurrency security with a tangible asset value.


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