Cosmos series 3

021 cosmos

022 cosmos

023 cosmos

024 cosmos

025 cosmos

026 cosmos

027 cosmos

028 cosmos

029 cosmos

030 cosmos

Cosmos 021-030 being the final 10 of the cosmos series.

Congratulation, As an NFT holder of 12mths . You will be eligible for the “random air drop event”, part of the director’s token directive, including the ability to exchange your tokens out for company share (in-house) available 2023-26 making your NFT exceptionally rare and unique.

Your NFT comes with some condition if you so choose to on sell your NFT before the end of the cooling period your token allocation stay with the NFT :see

NFT Tokenomics

NFT benefits:

  • Exclusive and original
  • Developing the next generation of NFT’s through sustainable energy solutions
  • Supported by the Universal thermal power solution institute of energy
  • Random air drop of DIR token bio-annual event 
  • Awesome digital art with tangible value
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