Universal thermal power solutions


Our aim is to power the NFT blockchain with next generation energy. Thermodynamics applied to a wide variety of divisions based on science, engineering, especially physical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering within the construct of electricity production including CO2 capture bio fuels and pharmaceuticals supplements, where applicable water desalination plant


Company envision a better future of sustainable base electricity clean air and low living cost through applied technology as the story of a typical day unfolds as two mates have a chat over the fence down at the letter box. Morning mate, more bills ha! "Yep, at least our lights are on now that new plant up and running" ! "Is it me or does the air seem fresher"? "Yep, your lawn looks great"! "Yep, now there's no water restrictions thanks to the dam being full"! I heard that the new power plant pumps out a heap of water. "Yep, what does it not do? Mow my bloody lawn"! better hop to it then!!


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