NFT'S tokenomics

Non fungible token or NFT:  DIR Tokenomics- The science of the token and its economy value, tangibility with an equal company value back by a its company’s  acquisition policy for NFT’s

Viewed Company Value or VCV based on the NFT’s floor price of 5ETH. The NFT’s valued set at the market value at the time of the acquisition and a future base price will vary,  but not limited by market movement. 

Current market movement and sustainability 

Today 9/10/2022 ETH has been around $2000-2200 buying NFTs today will see around 200% increase in value as below shows (% may vary from day to day) 

  • 1 ETH as VCV up to 5,000AUD at an NFT value of $25,000
  • Random air drop over 5yrs
  • 25% after the first year and decreases over time to total value of NFT
  • Total value at 5EHT is 67%
  • Company buy back starts after 2027 at market value.
  • Maximum DIR token (airdrop) 25K at 67%
  • Maximum token per NFT at 5ETH (company value) 16,250 DIR
  • 4,100 DIR for the first year

Company Tokenomics: 

Your NFT’s true value will be realised after 12mths, benefits of the token allocation and in-share offer, buy backs and awesome artwork 

  • Liquidity for the token is derived by the NFT’s acquisition up to 90% 
  • All DIR tokens are exchangeable for company shares (in-house)
  • DIR tokens will be exchangeable on pancake swap or uniswap

If you on sell the NFT before the 12mth period the token air drop allocation stays with the NFT

Sell the NFT after cooling period you get the 25% in DIR tokens

Buying a NFT will show your support for a brighter future, putting environmental clean technology into a practical application solution.   

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