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tangibility asset

Congratulation, As an NFT holder for 12mths. You will be eligible for the “random air drop event” part of the director’s token DIR  directive, you will also be able to swap out the tokens for company share when they come online 2023-26, making our NFT’s exceptionally rare and unique.  

Your NFT comes with some conditions if you so choose to on sell your NFT the token random air drop stay with the NFT. The total amount of DIR token will be established at the point of the first sale 

  • A fix number of tokens per NFT
  • The random air drop a bio annual  event & ends early 2027
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How to add the director Token to metamask wallet

Step 1; go to etherscan and paste in token contract into search

Step 2; under “Token Tracker”, Click on the Director DIR to open the token contract.

step 3; hover over the contract address to copy to clip board.

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Add token to metamask

Adding “director” token to metamask once signed into metamask down the bottom of the wallet will be a button  ; “Add Token” click on the button to open the “Add token” on the top look for “Custom Token” click to open to custom token:

In the top box under Token Contract Address right click to paste contract address from etherscan “as above”

once the address is added down the bottom click “next” 

This will take you to a new view Add Token                      (Would you like to add these token) showing you the new token symbol and balance, down the bottom click “add token” Congratulation!! 

: top right corner click account, scroll down to see you new token on your wallet.

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